The college is affiliated to Podanur Primary Health center which serves about 65 thousand populations. In addition to the provision of primary health services, our college has its own community health center within the college premises for providing health care services to the Itteri community people.

The students gain community clinical experience by providing domiciliary services both in urban and rural areas and are posted in primary health centre and rural health centers throughout the year. In addition to the regular services, the students are involved in all the special camps and programmes organized by the hospital and health centers. The students are guided under a team of experienced Post graduate and under graduate faculty. Yearly 5-10 community research projects are being undertaken by under graduate students.


  • Provide essential health service individual, family and community free of cost.
  • Provide multi services including family planning.
  • Provide medical care services.
  • Conduct delivery
  • Essential new born care.
  • Provide essential drugs free of cost.
  • Health education to individual, family and community
  • Conducts regular health camps
  • Provide clinical experience to students in respective subjects
  • Perform domiciliary nursing care.
  • Create a learning atmosphere to conduct research activities
  • Participate in relevant national health programmes
  • Provide incidental health education to individual, family and community.
  • Training nursing students, dais and health workers.