Annual Report

With lofty ideals and noble thoughts, Our Texcity Medical and Educational Trust was formed in the year 1992. We are pleased to introduce ourselves, as a decade old trust, which served the Muslim Community in the western part of the state. Though, this part of the society is highly affluent, the Muslim community here still remains much backward both in terms of literacy and economy.

The belt is turning out to be much communally sensitive because of poor literacy among Muslims and as no institution has been established to serve these deserving set of the society. In order to fill the vacuum this trust was constituted by the highly philanthropic minded persons from the adjacent town and cities, apart from the active participation of many rich philanthropists from the neighboring State of Kerala.

Having the high thoughts in mind, this trust started a Paramedical College in the name of Texcity College of Paramedical Sciences, which is running a Diploma course in Nursing and college of Nursing which is conducting B.Sc(Nursing) degree course, with highest degree of success. It has created a very good name with its continuous cent percent result, from the very first year itself. It is so popular to the extent that even the council at Delhi is keeping the name of the college at very high pride. The admission to this institution is running at very high demand.

We are proud to state that the trust today owns the properties worth over Rs. 5.00 Crores.

Apart from the above we have also established institutions for primary and secondary level education, through our associated institutions. So far we have been rendering every service for the enlistment of this poor community and also render to whole of the society, in order to create a good will on this community in the hands of the entire society.

Texcity School of Nursing

The trust has promoted the Texcity College of Paramedical Sciences which started functioning from the year 1993-94 and is doing a great service to the society in the field of medicine by imparting excellent education and training to nursing and paramedical students.

This department is offering 3½ years Diploma Programme in General Nursing and Midwifery recognized by Tamilnadu Nurses and Midwives Council, Chennai and Indian Nursing council, Delhi. We have achieved good results in the Govt. Examination. All our students are gainfully employed in various hospital, clinics and nursing homes in and around Coimbatore and outside Tamilnadu and also in the gulf countries.

Texcity College of Nursing

The academic year of 2007-2008 banged the Texcity institution with the start of B.Sc(N) course which is recognized by the Govt. of Tamilnadu, INC, TNC and Tamilnadu The Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai.


  • With the guidance of our principal Ms. Charmini Jebapriya who joined us in 2008 and with her vast experience, marching ahead in each year.
  • Our students have secured 100% result we congratulate each and every student for their full effort to keep our college flag flying high.
  • Our first batch of students have passed at during August 2011 with 97% result and the remaining 3 students there out by Feb. 2012.


The Tamilnadu Nursing Council and the Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University have done their inspection for the continuation of affiliation.


Texcity College of Nursing is having a Principal, Vice principal, Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Readers and lecturer with Post graduate qualification and nursing tutors to help the students in their training. We are the following a strict ratio of 1:10 as a norm given by INC.

Faculty Development Programme

  • Principal of Texcity College of Nursing presented a paper on “Active aging” at an international level workshop on 21 & 22.01.2014 organized by PSG College of Nursing, Coimbatore on 2012.
  • Principal and Faculty members attended workshop on “quality – a key concept in patient care” on 22 &23.02.2014 at PSG College of Nursing, Coimbatore.

Department of Computer

We have a full fledge computer department perfectly under the care of Miss. Marsiya. We are issuing Diploma certificates in Computer Application.


Our Texcity College of Nursing has around 5000 books and during the year 2013-2014 exclusive for the use of nursing students. We have Indian and International Journals for students.

Extra Curricular Activities

Our students have participated in cultural and sports programme held in our college and participated in various health camps conducted in and around Coimbatore.

Field Visit

Our B.Sc(N) students visited the following areas as part of their training and requirement in their curriculum. Visited Siruvani water purification centre of Siruvani hills to gain information and knowledge regarding purification and supply of drinking water. Our students visited, Aavin dairy run by Govt. of Tamilnadu to see the pasteurization process of milk and its distribution. Participated in pulse polio immunization programme. Students of both GNM and B.Sc(N) have visited family for children home at Podanur.